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Water Distilling Unit

To produce water which meets various international pharmacopeias & IP/BP standards.

Fabwell unit works on two main principles a falling film type heat exchanger & Effective re-use of heat energy by Multi-Stage operation.

Feed water enters the still at the condenser. As it flows through the condenser tubing, it transfers the heat from pure steam & distillate. This ensures that feed water enters the further columns at a higher temperature for greater efficiency, and distillate exits the system at a lower temperature for greater safety. The feed water then enters the first column where it is converted into pure steam where all pyrogens are separated with centrifugal movement. This steam enters the shell side of second column condensed by the feed water in the tube side. The steam from second column enters the third column and the process continues for remaining effects.

All contact parts like evaporator, Multi baffle, condenser, etc. are of 316L quality stainless steel and argon arc welded. The columns are insulated with glass-wool covering of 304 SS. The piping is made of seamless tubing; Sanitary Flanges, Tri-clover fittings are used for joints. Feed water pump of 316 SS is used to boost the water with pressure into the system.
As per your need We also offer customized machines designed for special applications.
Suitable for use in hospitals, labs and pharmaceutical industries for preparation of ophthalmic solution, etc. where higher purity of water is required. operable on electricity or direct steam.
The feed water enters the evaporator where it is heated with electricity OR Steam coil. The steam generated enters the separation portion & then to the condenser where it is converted into water by supplying raw water to shell side of the unit.
Manufactured in various capacities ranging from 5ltrs. to 40ltrs / hour out put. Unit of higher capacities also can be supplied.

(at outlet)
Steam Consumption
(approx @3 kg/cm2)
DM water
Cooling water Requirement Electrical Load
(for Heaters)
Ltrs/hr. kg/hr. Ltrs/hr. Ltrs/hr. KW.
80 32 92 90 24
200 64 230 220 NA
300 96 345 330 NA
500 139 575 510 NA
1000 278 1150 1050 NA

*for other pressure & temperature please ask
Manufactured suitable for the storage of pyrogen free distilled water at 60oc to 80oC, or preparation of solutions etc., made from 316/316L quality stainless steel, having Vertical or horizontal position heated with electric heaters / steam with suitable jacket & insulation.