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Air+Steam Sterilizer

his counter pressure sterilizers are ideal for Pharmaceutical Companies, Laboratories, & Food Processing Industries, etc. They are designed for safe & efficient sterilization of various items such as Solutions in closed containers viz. ampoules, vial, glass bottles, PVC bottles, Syringes, Tubes, PE bottles, PP bottles, IV Bags, Semi-open containers, Blister Packing, Contact Lenses etc. & also for Pasteurization of products like Blood plasma.

"SWS" type where treatment is carried out with forced Superheated Water circulation with spray distribution system


Steam enter the chamber while circulating fans ensures a proper temperature in the chamber. Sterilization is carried for preset temperature level & time.

Internal Heat exchangers supplied with cooling water the fan is rotated to achieve ventilating. Counter pressure is maintained as per SWS type system.

Circulating Fans made of stainless steel mounted on the top or Horizontally.
Cooling coils located in the chamber are made of Stainless Steel


The chamber is of round cross-section constructed of heavy duty stainless steel 316L/316Ti to withstand pressure of 3 Kg/cm. It is insulated with Two rails are provided in the chamber bottom for easy loading & unloading of the material on Carriage.

The Sterilizer is supplied with single door or double doors made of 304/316 S.S. The doors are either manually operated Hinged type or having automatic electromechanical type sliding arrangement.

The Unit along with various accessories & piping is supported with Frame designed for proper load distribution on floor.


The piping & valves directly connected with chamber is of stainless steel 316 Proportional control Valve is provided for steam inlet for precise temperature control.


» The loading carriage is made of stainless steel 316 with specially designed trays, Floor trolleys made of S.S.

» Filter in-line Sterilization, in-line integrity testing.

» Vacuum system to use the sterilizer as autoclave system for porous load.

» Automatic Loading & Unloading.

» Load Rotating system for homogeneous heat transfer.


The control system is consisted of advance PLC & Printer. This unit controls complete sterilization by managing various parameters such as Fo, Temperature, pressure etc. It has an easy operator interface with possibilities of customization of cycles & manual operations.

The system gives complete process documentation with the help of in-built system.

Computerized control system (SCADA) to communicate with PLC for controlling & supervising the process externally.
(Optional Feature)

As per your need
We also offer any other chamber dimensions/specifications designed for special applications/requirements.