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Hot Water Bath

For Pasteurization of products such High acid food with and without particulates (Ph < 4.0) Diced fruits, acidified vegetables, Pulp, Juice, Gulabjamun, Rasgoola etc.

Product is filled, package is sealed and then sterilized in hot water bath at 85C to 90C

Vertical Cylindrical Water Immersion type pasteurizer.

The equipment will have Chamber Diameter 500 & 900mm triple chamber construction, i.e. the inner chamber will be made of 304 quality stainless steel sheets and the jacket will be made of AISI 304 quality stainless steel sheets, duly argon arc welded.

The jacket will be insulated with glasswool and covered with polished 304 quality stainless steel sheets to minimize heat loss.

Capacity : 20 Kgs & 100 Kgs

Continuous Unit :

Tunnel type cooking & cooling with Pre-heating & maintaining with Hot water & further cooling with cold water, The temperature and speed is regulated with automatic control Area of Tunnel – 13.5 sq. mtr & 26.5 sq. mtr